Colin Marshall

President, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer


Colin Marshall

President, CEO and COO Colin Marshall is responsible for the operations of Cloud Peak Energy. The company operates three Powder River Basin coal mines in Wyoming and Montana.

Before his appointment as head of Cloud Peak Energy, Mr. Marshall was President and CEO of Rio Tinto Energy America (RTEA) prior to the company’s public offering as Cloud Peak Energy (CLD). Preceding RTEA, Mr. Marshall was the General Manager of Rio Tinto’s West Pilbara iron ore operations. He was located in Tom Price, West Australia, where he managed four iron ore mines.

Mr. Marshall began his career with the Rio Tinto group in 1987 as a Graduate Trainee. He then worked for Rio Tinto plc in London as an analyst in the Business Evaluation Department before moving to Brisbane in 1996 as Finance Director of Pacific Coal. In 2000 he was appointed General Manager of Rio Tinto Energy America’s Cordero Rojo mine in Wyoming. He served in that role until March 2004 when he moved to Tom Price.

Mr. Marshall holds both a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Brunel University and an MBA from London Business School.

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